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Privacy Policy

Reviewsclubpro.com is the most leading review website that is highly dedicated towards the privacy of the customers and daily visitors. We have a strict guideline and privacy policy and all our members of the company offer services according to the privacy policy to satisfy the customers.

  1. What Type of Information is collected by the Website from the Visitors?
  • All the crucial information that is shared and provided by the visitors while placing an order online from the website, subscribing to any newsletter, minding the contest or promotion and solicitations for information over health supplements are collected confidentially.
  • Any data that is asked for, by the site which is not that essential will be set apart as discretionary by the site itself.
  • Like other websites over the internet reviewsclubpro.com also take proper care of the cookies to work upon better browsing experience for the visitors and to track the number of visitors to the website.
  1. What did we do With the Collected Information?

We used The Collected Information for:

  • Continuously improving the browsing experience of the reader/visitor.
  • The primary motive of collecting all these details and information is to offer improvised browsing experience to the customers when they visit our website to access information about health supplement reviews. The data that is gathered through our site won’t be sold or imparted to any outsider without legitimate authorization from the proprietors.
  1. Does reviewsclubpro.com respect the privacy of the visitors?
  • Yes, the visitor may trust us while providing information as we ensure safe storage of the information.

Our site may utilization of these data to send the new announcement, email for updates and more identified with the health supplement industry. In this way, all the data gathered goes in your favors which are resolved to defend the data and never abuse them for our advantage.

Safety of Information

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)


SSL Secure Socket Layer is the standard security innovation for setting up an encoded interface between a web server and a browser. This connection guarantees that all information goes between the web server and Browser stay private and fundamental. SSL is an industry standard and is utilized by a huge number of sites in the assurance of their online exchanges with their clients.

reviewsclubpro.com makes use of a mixed bag of assurance measures so as to keep the collected information protected. We seek to establish safety contain password secured servers to keep the information safe and secured. To ensure higher security of the collected information we have:

  • Secure Database
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Safe gateway
  • Restricted access to store information
  • The information that we collect is personal and non-personal, but they are never related to finance.
  1. Is There any External Link to Other Website?
  • Like all other websites, reviewsclubpro.com also bears a variety of links to other websites. In any condition, the team from the website will never be counted to answers anybody about the Privacy Policies as well as the other websites has their own distinct administration. In this way, for safe perusing, it is constantly recommended to peruse the pages identified with the security arrangement and terms of utilizing these sites before you’re perusing.
  1. Future Updates in reviewsclubpro.com Privacy Policy?
  • Changes are always required to help offer better services in future. We at reviewsclubpro.com keep on updating and making changes in the privacy policy of the website. The visitors must require read all these updates before browsing the website to understand things better about the website.

Thanks for your valuable time to read our privacy & policy page.